Molokai Group is an agency that empowers international athletes and enables them to achieve their ambitions whilst supporting companies in meeting their business objectives through the creation of world class events.


The founder and director of Molokai is Nick Moloney who has over 25 years of professional sailing and ocean sports experience. Over the course of his career, Nick Moloney has been more than simply a professional athlete*; he has established international sporting events, trained paralympians and inspired the next generation of solo round-the-world sailors; he has delivered numerous motivational seminars to people from all backgrounds and professions, provided commentary at world-class events and established his own successful companies.

*Nick Moloney has competed twice in the America's Cup, circumnavigated the globe three times, broken 15 world records and still retains the title of the only person to ever windsurf solo across the notorious Bass Strait, the body of water that lies between Australia and Tasmania.