Chasing a Dream – The Ultimate Price


It is with great sadness that we learnt of the tragic death of Big Wave surfer Márcio Freire on January 5th, 2023. 

The 47-year-old athlete from Bahia, also known as “Mad Dog,” died at the infamous Portuguese surf destination Nazaré, while taking on the local giant waves.

Pic: marciofreiremaddog/Instagram

Márcio Freire, born in Brazil, was one of the three infamous Big Wave surfers known as the ‘Mad Dogs’. Along with Danilo Couto and Yuri Soledade, Márcio Freire pioneered the Big Wave scene around the globe from Hawaii to Portugal – pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a surfboard.

Márcio’s tragic death is a reminder of how much athletes will dedicate to their sport. When an elite level athlete talks of making sacrifices, some know that the risks they face may mean they pay the ultimate price. Márcio’s passion for his sport and his drive to attain the ever evolving and eluding next level in Big Wave sport, meant he tragically made the greatest sacrifice of all.

Márcio, like many other Big Wave surfers, did not make a living from his crazy and adventurous surfing pursuits; he paddled out in the most demanding conditions because he loved his sport and the thrill that catching the next wave brought him.

Motivated by passion, and driven to be the best he possibly could be – our memory of Márcio Freire will be one of joy, dedication, excitement, and vision. A true legend of his time and sport.