What We Do

Think of Molokai Group as your complete guide to all things sponsorship, whether your investment be in sports or culture.

We work with our clients on both short term and long term consultancy contracts. We can audit existing relationships, source and secure new ones or provide relationship and sponsorship strategies. We can be an ongoing extension of the team for projects that require commitment throughout the length of the sponsorship engagement. We can help to manage the relationship between sponsor and event and to unlock new and exciting opportunities to enhance ROI. We also know that sponsorship can be daunting and that many brands are not always clear on how to best utilise their investment in events or individuals. Likewise, events and individuals are often open to guidance on how to best service and exploit any brand affiliation in order to create the most mutually successful partnership.

Find me the right sponsorship

We work with you to best understand what you are trying to achieve through sponsorship. We consider your target demographic, your project objectives and your preferred sponsorship platform before presenting a shortlist of opportunities that we feel work best for your unique requirements.

Maximise your ROI

Marketers understand brands, core values and corporate DNA. We understand sponsorship properties and how to get the best value for any brand investing in sponsorship. This is achieved through creative brainstorming, negotiation and activation, enhanced by our track record and decades of experience in sports and event sponsorship.

Interested in Consultancy?